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CyDeploy is an intelligent, automated testing system that demonstrates how an update will affect your system, giving you the control to maintain cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance while avoiding costly workforce delays.

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Cloud-Based Replica Systems

CyDeploy creates a digital twin of your system on the cloud, letting you make changes and see how planned security configurations or patches will affect your environment. Identifying issues in advance will allow you to schedule, adjust, or prepare for updates the right way with less operational downtime and maximum cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance.

Automated Tests & Remediation

Run vulnerability and configuration scans, remediate issues, and complete intelligent, automated, functional tests to see the impact on your systems after making your security changes. Functional testing of security patches and configurations is critical but often overlooked because it is too labor intensive. CyDeploy's automated system frees up your human resources to do higher priority items that can't be automated.

CyDeploy, virtual machine

Improve your System Over Time

CyDeploy is incredibly valuable for organizations in heavily regulated industries. CyDeploy maintains your cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance with fully planned and tested security configurations and patches, while giving you the insight to anticipate and prevent operational failures. As a result, you will have a system that's more secure and effective with each new change.

The CyDeploy Advantage

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Changes With Confidence

Get clarity about the impact of security changes to your environment, before making the changes.

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Prevent Costly Downtime

Save your organization time, resources, and money with less downtime, less reimaging, and fewer delays.

compliance, CyDeploy

Maximize Labor Resources

No need to contend with tech workforce shortages; do more testing and deployment with your current team by leveraging automated scanning, remediation, and functional testing.

CyDeploy is easy to use

create environment, CyDeploy

Upload your system to the cloud

Create an image of your enviroment and send it to the cloud

upload cloud, CyDeploy

Set up your test environment

Create your system's digital twin in less than a day


Access your system's digital twin

Run your virtual machine and test security configurations and patches

download reports, CyDeploy

Download reports

Receive valuable reports about how your system's digital twin functionally responds to security changes

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Here's what we're hearing about CyDeploy...

CyDeploy, collaborating
With CyDeploy I am no longer concerned about whether the patch is going to break the functionality of a specific application; or if the patch is going to cause a security problem because I have control over what gets deployed thanks to my digital twin.


Security Engineer

CyDeploy is the tool we always needed. Functional testing of patches is critical, but oftentimes overlooked because it is too labor intensive to validate and rollout.


IT Manager

Having a tool to help me create a digital twin removes the need for a system admin to create an environment because system admins are in high demand and short supply.


Product Owner

A Word by Mary Ellen Seale, CEO of The National CyberSecurity Society

Retired after 30 years of federal service, with the majority of her tenure as a member of the Senior Executive Service. In her last federal position, she was Deputy Director, Cybersecurity Coordination, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reporting to the Deputy Assistant Secretary and Deputy Undersecretary, Cyber, National Protection and Programs Directorate. As Deputy Director, she facilitated interdepartmental collaboration between the Department of Defense, DHS and the Department of Justice with respect to strategic planning for the cybersecurity of the U.S., mutual support for cybersecurity capabilities development, and synchronization of operational mission activities.

Customized, Scalable Plans

Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

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For Early Adopter System Admins and IT Managers responsible for managing system updates

  • Provision cloud-based replica systems

  • Compatible with Windows

  • Supports Azure

  • Basic vulnerability scan

  • Basic configuration scan

  • Supports manual testing

  • Simple reports

  • Up to 3 virtual machines


  • 10 Device Limit
  • 2 Images clones per device
  • 1 Deployed Virtual machine per Device


  • 15 Device Limit
  • 2 Images clones per device
  • 2 Deployed Virtual machine per Device


  • 30 Device Limit
  • 2 Images clones per device
  • 2 Deployed Virtual machine per Device



For Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs)

  • All Community Edition Features +

  • Create custom automation test scripts

  • Assemble test suites based upon test script library

  • Automatically run automation test suites

  • Receive vulnerability scan

  • Receive configuration scan

  • View current/historical scan and test reports



For Large Public & Private Sector Organizations

  • All Professional Edition Features +

  • Supports AWS, Google Cloud, and Self-hosted options

  • Integrates into RMMs

  • Applies configuration changes automatically

  • Receive automated remediation (and rollback as needed)

  • Verifies configuration changes automatically

  • Receive configuration reports

  • View current/historical configuration reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

CyDeploy is the first intelligent automated functional testing solution for IT and IoT. While other companies have some related functions, they overlook the validation of patches and configuration changes. In the rare instances that a product does validate patches, the patches are pre-tested, which is not conducive for custom environments like most organizations have.

In short, every organization small, medium, and large. The specific users who could benefit are those who have day-to-day responsibilities for maintaining the security posture and operation of systems - Security Administrators, System Administrators, IT Managers, etc.

Yes! In fact, these are the environments that need CyDeploy the most in order to ensure smooth updates and continued organizational operations. Your cloud-based system replica, or digital twin, will show you exactly how each update will affect your system, giving you the insight and control to effectively manage your environment.

With 80% of security breaches being due to misconfigured or unpatched systems, CyDeploy is absolutely necessary. CyDeploy positions organizations to make timely security updates to reduce the likelihood of a successful hack, without adversely impacting system functionality or organizational operations.

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